Policy go to



With the Policies advanced setting policy-go-to, you can restrict access to the policy information at the agent or agency level.


This setting requires selecting an Agent or Agency value.

Setting default

By default, policy-go-to is set to Agent. This means only the assigned agent can access policy-related information.

Change the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for policy-go-to using the Search for a Setting box. In the policy-go-to box, change the toggle to Agency.

Adoption considerations

When policy-go-to is set to Agent, other agents in the agency can’t access the policy information. As a best practice, we recommend attaching a policy to an agency rather than a single agent. This allows other agents within the agency to access the policy information in case the assigned agent isn’t available.

Important: You can’t go back to Agent once you set policy-go-to to Agency.