Policy History tab

The Policy History tab is the second tab on a policy’s Overview screen. The Policy History tab displays the history of transactions on a policy and a detailed list of changes that occur in each transaction. On the Policy History tab, you can filter the list of transactions by selecting a specific term from the Policy Term dropdown list.

Figure 1: View of the Policy History tab.

The Policy History tab consists of:

  1. Policy Term: The Policy Term dropdown list allows you to filter the Policy History table by policy term if more than one policy term exists.
  2. Policy History table: The Policy History table is similar to the classic Policies Revisions table. It consists of transactions that have occurred on the policy.

    Note: Transactions refer to policy transactions, rather than billing transactions. Examples of transactions include: endorsements, rewritten policies, new business, renewals, canceled policies, cancellation pending policies, reinstatements, etc.

    The Policy History table consists of the following columns:

    • Effective Date: The effective date of the transaction.
    • Processed On: The date the transaction is processed on.
    • Transaction: The transaction type.
    • Written Premium: The new written premium and the difference between the starting written premium and ending written premium during the transaction. The black number displays the new written premium amount after the transaction. The red number in parentheses displays the change in written premium from the written premium at the beginning of the transaction to the written premium at the end of the transaction. A negative red number indicates the written premium decreased. A positive red number indicates the written premium increased.
    • Document: This column displays a document icon that, when selected, links to a PDF of the transaction document in the policy’s Attachments module.
    • Committed By: Displays the username of the individual who committed the transaction.
  3. Policy Changes: Select anywhere in a transaction row to display the Policy Changes section. See Figure 1. The Policy Changes section displays a list of changes made to the policy during the transaction. The Policy Changes displays the policy information that was changed and how it was changed. For example:
    • If the existing information was edited, the policy change will be tagged as Changed.
    • If new information was added, the policy change will be tagged as Added.
    • If the existing information was removed, the policy change will be tagged as Removed.