Policy lifecycle parameters

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies > Edit.
  2. Save before entering Policy Lifecycle.

When are Policy Lifecycle parameters set?

This setting in the Policy Lifecycle area is only accessible during setup, before the site is ‘Live.’ We can enable this setting via the database, but it’s not something that is normally done after the site enters production. There may be unforeseen consequences of this change and we would recommend testing this change thoroughly in a test environment.

Who sets them?

The client is able to set parameters through the BriteCore business analyst during the configuration of implementation. If the client has previous policies in place that will determine parameters, but they can make changes to new policies moving forward.

What if a client wants to change the policy lifecycle parameters after going live?

Since this specific setting is outside the Lines Effective Dates and will affect all policies globally, it’s not necessary to change it with a new Lines Effective Date. This setting will affect all policies, even policies on different Line Effective Dates.