Policyholder portal overview

BriteCore’s Policyholder portal is designed to provide self-service functionality. You can enroll in the app, view details of your policies, submit a claim, upload photos, pay bills electronically, enroll in autopay, go paperless, and edit your account and contact information.

You can access the Policyholder portal through a:

  • Mobile version (iOS and Android) offering a fully branded native mobile app.
  • Web-based application available through a portal on the Provider’s website.

The web-based application is a separate product that includes many of the components of the mobile app.

Table 1 highlights key features within the Policyholder portal.

Table 1: Policyholder portal features.

BrandedRenders customized colors, fonts, labels, logos, and presentation styles consistent with your Provider’s corporate brand.
Dashboard Highlights custom welcome text, notifications, alerts, and access to Policyholder portal features.
Self-EnrollmentYou can enroll in the Policyholder portal to view details of your policies, submit claims, upload photos, pay bills electronically, enroll in autopay, go paperless, and edit your account and contact information.
Account InformationYour account information screen allows you to change you to change your language preference, add/update a profile picture, edit your contact information, change your account settings, and edit your document delivery method.
Message CenterDisplays messages sent by your provider. Messages can range from reminders to review your documents or make a payment, to status updates or announcements.
Contact InformationDisplays contact information for your agent, agency, and provider.
Policy InformationDisplays policy information details like policy term, policy type, named insured(s) on the policy, map of the policy location, and uploaded photos of the property by agent. You can upload a property photo, file a claim, or make a payment from the policy screen.
Billing InformationYou can view your invoices and payments within the Policyholder portal. The Payment Schedule screen displays the amount paid, date paid, and payment status.
PaymentIf your provider allows it, you can access the Payments module through the Policyholder portal. In the Payments module, you can add/remove payment methods, make payments, enroll in autopay, and update your payment plan.
ClaimsIf your provider enables the settings for claims, you can view your open and closed claims and also file a first notice of loss through the Policyholder portal.
DocumentsYou can access the Documents tab on the Policy screen to view/download your policy documents and upload your own documents.
Document Preferences You can change your document delivery method in the Policyholder portal. The document delivery method options are to go paperless or receive paper documents. Your documents will always be available to view or download in the Policyholder portal.

When the documents are ready to be viewed, you will receive a notification email.
Touch ID and Face ID for Mobile appsIf your provider allows it, you can use fingerprint or facial recognition to log in into the Policyholder portal app.

Touch ID and Face ID are features provided by Apple. Fingerprint authentication is a feature provided by Android. These features must be enabled within the app, and your Apple or Android device must support this functionality.