Preserve or regenerate billing schedules

BriteCore allows clients to update the billing schedules on their policies. When a change is made to the billing schedule, the Preserve/Regenerate selection only occurs within the Provider Administrator portal. This means only client administration and not the insured or agent see the popup box.

To preserve or generate invoices, navigate to Accounts Receivable > Billing Schedule within a policy:

Figure 1: The Change Billing Schedule dialog box.


Case study: The insured paid the first bill of the term but now wants to be billed annually from this point forward. Keep what has been billed to date and bill according to the newly chosen billing schedule.

The agent billed an invoice and it was paid, by preserving the billing schedule the invoice’s cancel date is still in the future, that invoice will also be regenerated

Note: When changing the billing schedule, the system references the cancel date of invoices.


Typical use cases when a customer wants to start over for the term:

  • Mistake on the billing schedule where the bill was sent, but the insured wants to pay from the beginning of the term so the prior bill is waived to include the future payment.
  • The renewal went out on one billing schedule but the insured wants a renewal with the new billing schedule.


A customer paid the annual price in full, but the plan was set to bill semi-annually. This resulted in a balance from the installment fee of the semi-annual plan that was left to print and mailed to a customer. This was confusing to the customer and the bill was invalid because the annual plan does not have fees. How do I resolve this?

The administrator can change the settings of the policy and waive the installment fees.