Prevent multiple open revisions (endorsements)

By default, BriteCore allows users to independently initiate revisions (endorsements) on different dates without issuing them. To prevent this behavior, use the prevent-creation-of-multiple-open-revisions-simultaneously setting. With the setting enabled, the system safeguards against users from inadvertently creating duplicate endorsements.

For example, an agent might begin processing an endorsement but never completes the process by binding it. This creates an open revision in the system. Then, an admin user could potentially create another, duplicate revision for the same policy. When either user attempts to commit their revision, the system displays the error message below:

The system continues to prevent users from creating more than one open revision at a time.

When the setting value is False, users can create multiple revisions without committing existing open revisions. To enable the setting:

  1. Log in as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  3. Search: prevent-creation-of-multiple-open-revisions-simultaneously
  4. Set to True