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With the Previous / Next pagination, users can navigate and view their policy search results.


The Previous / Next pagination buttons appear on the Policies search screen below the policy list.

Field default

By default, the first screen of the policy list is open and pagination button number one is selected. You may select subsequent screens or the Next pagination button to view more results. You can’t select the Previous pagination button on the first screen. It’s grayed out by default.

Figure 1: Default view of pagination buttons.

Change the default

Selecting a numbered pagination button will open the corresponding policy list screen. Selecting Next will open the subsequent policy list screen. Selecting Previous will open the preceding policy list screen. You can view the search results by selecting Next, Previous, and any of the numbered pagination buttons.

Figure 2: Additional view of the pagination buttons.


If you open the last policy list screen, you may select the preceding screens or the Previous pagination button. You can’t select the Next pagination button on the last screen. It’s grayed out by default.

Figure 3: View of pagination buttons on the last screen.

Usage considerations

The Previous / Next pagination buttons can’t be customized and behave the same in both the Provider Administrator and Agent portals. If the advanced setting enable-new-policy-search is set to False, the pagination will appear as arrows to previous pages, page numbers, and arrows to subsequent pages. The words Previous and Next won’t appear.

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