Print manually with Titanium Blizzard

Titanium Blizzard supports manual, automatic, and batch printing.

You can also view retrieved files in BriteCore.

Retrieve documents

You can retrieve BriteCore documents from a specific date range or policy to print manually using Titanium Blizzard.

Retrieve documents from a date range

  1. On Titanium Blizzard’s main screen in the From and To fields, select dates.
  2. Select Retrieve.

Retrieve documents from a policy

  1. On Titanium Blizzard’s main screen in the Policies field, type a policy number.
  2. Select Retrieve.

Print documents

Titanium Blizzard offers two manual printing options:

  • Print is used to print already retrieved documents.
  • Retrieve and Print is used to download BriteCore documents and print them. See the Retrieving documents section above.
  1. On Titanium Blizzard’s main screen in the ToPrint column, select documents you want to print.
  2. Select Print.

View documents in BriteCore

You can open a retrieved document in BriteCore from Titanium Blizzard.

To view documents in BriteCore

  1. On Titanium Blizzard’s main screen, right-click the document you want to view in BriteCore.
  2. Select View in BriteCore.