Print commission reports prefs



With the Contacts advanced setting print_commission_reports_prefs, you can select your commission report preferences.

You can choose to print commission reports that:

  • Summarize an agency’s policies.
  • Detail policies by agent.


This setting requires an agent_by_agent or summary_only button.

Setting default

This setting’s default value is agent_by_agent, so when printing a commission report, the report will list policies by agent.

Change the default

To change the default:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Advanced.
  3. On the Advanced Settings screen, in the Search for a Setting box, type print_commission_reports_prefs, and then select Search.
  4. In the print_commission_reports_prefs box, select either agent_by_agent or summary_only.

    Note: Changing print_commission_reports_prefs to summary_only triggers BriteCore to print a summary of policies for an agency when you print the commission report.

Adoption considerations

The print_commission_reports_prefs advanced setting is directly related to the When Printing dropdown list in the Commission Reports section of the Contacts module.

When you select Print Summary Without Agent Detail from the When Printing dropdown list and select Save, Britecore automatically changes the print_commission_reports_prefs to summary_only.

When you select agent_by_agent in the print_commission_reports_prefs advanced setting, BriteCore automatically selects Print Agent by Agent Detail from the When Printing dropdown list.