Print commission reports prefs



With the Contacts advanced setting print_commission_reports_prefs, you can toggle your commission report preferences. You can choose to print commission reports that either summarize an agency’s policies or detail policies by agent.


This setting requires an agent_by_agent or summary_only button.

Setting default

This setting’s default value is agent_by_agent, so when printing a commission report, the report will list policies by agent.

Change the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced. Search for print_commission_reports_prefs. Changing print_commission_reports_prefs to summary_only triggers BriteCore to print a summary of policies for an agency when you print the commission report.

Adoption considerations

The print_commission_reports_prefs advanced setting is directly related to the When Printing dropdown list in the Commission Reports section of Settings > Modules > Contacts. When you select Print Summary Without Agent Detail from the When Printing dropdown list and select Save, Britecore automatically changes the print_commission_reports_prefs to summary_only. When you select agent_by_agent in the print_commission_reports_prefs advanced setting, BriteCore automatically selects Print Agent by Agent Detail from the When Printing dropdown list.

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