Printing overview

BriteCore users have two printing options:

  • Use BriteCore’s print solution: Titanium Blizzard
  • Use one of the following third-party print solution providers:
    • MassPrinting
    • OBRIEN Insurance Solutions

Scope of BriteCore Support

Some print-related issues occur outside the purview of BriteCore Support due to the nature of print components:

  • Printer drivers
  • Windows printer configuration

Note: BriteCore can help set up working Windows printer drivers inside of Titanium Blizzard, but the printer driver must be already installed and working in the Windows environment to setup Titanium Blizzard successfully.

  • Network or internet issues
  • Antivirus and firewall issues
  • General computer problems

Note: If Titanium Blizzard works on one computer but not another, BriteCore may not be able to troubleshoot the issue. To resolve this issue, you can either move Titanium Blizzard to another machine or contact your IT vendor to repair the computer in question.

  • Windows domain configuration

Print dates

Printing is expected to occur overnight. When printing occurs, BriteCore automatically updates the document’s print date to the day the document is sent to the printer. If a user manually prints a document and sets the Print State to Printed, BriteCore sets the document’s print date to today.