Process payment prior to bind

Feature summary

With the new advanced setting process-payment-at-bind, carriers can require an initial payment during the quoting process before a policy is bound and issued. Processing a payment before a policy is bound can prevent carriers from insuring risks that are unpaid.

What is changing?

BriteQuote can be configured to process payments before a policy is bound by enabling the process-payment-at-bind advanced setting. When the advanced setting is enabled,  and you create a new quote or rewrite a policy, the following will happen:

  1. On the Billing screen of the quote flow, the system will default to the Credit Card payment method. Review the existing credit card information, if applicable, or add a new credit card.
  2. When you select Bind, the system will automatically pull the payment from the payment method selected on the Billing screen of the quote flow.
  3. A payment receipt will be generated and sent to the payor when the transaction is complete.


When the process-payment-at-bind advanced setting is enabled:

  • A policy can’t be issued until a payment is successful.
  • If an error occurs and a payment doesn’t process, a message notifying you that the payment wasn’t processed will display in the quote. The error must be addressed and a successful payment must be made before the policy can issue.


Contact your BriteCore Support team for any questions about this new feature.