Process pending payments

You can process pending payments in the Processing screen of the Claims module. To process pending payments:

  1. Select Processing from the Claims menu.
    Figure 1: The Pending Payments table.
  2. In the Actions column of the Pending Payments table, select the checkbox(es) next to the payment(s) you want to process.
  3. Select Process Selected Pending Payments. A pop-up window will open, saying:

    All selected payments were successfully marked as exported.

  4. Select OK to return to the Processing screen.

Usage considerations

To select all pending payments, check the Select All Pending Payments checkbox. BriteCore will automatically select all checkboxes for the Pending Payments table.

With StoneRiver integration, you don’t need to manually process claim payments. BriteCore creates transaction files to import to StoneRiver. When there is a qualifying claim transaction, BriteCore will automatically create a dated file in the specific month’s folder. The folder(s) and file(s) can be found in Reports > Attachments.

With QuickBooks integration, you don’t need to manually process claim payments. With the QuickBooks Web Connector, you can import claim payments from BriteCore to QuickBooks. To import these payments, simply run QuickBooks Web Connector.