Product versioning overview

In BriteLines, you can version products by effective date, allowing you to make changes to a product without affecting in-force policies.

Note: You can publish product versions into production based on a specific effective date.

Create new versions

In BriteLInes, when you create a new product, BriteCore automatically creates the product’s first version. This initial version will be in a Draft state and labeled Initial Version. On every page within the product, you can see the product version.

Note: You can edit a product version to rename it.

Version states

Product versions move through a basic workflow of product states:

  • Draft: The Draft state means you can still edit a version.
  • Locked: The Locked state means you can’t make changes to a version. You can only view the version’s data.
  • Published: The Published state means the effective date is set and the version is locked. You can write policies against a version once it’s published.
  • Archived: The Archived state means the version isn’t available in the list on the Line Overview screen under Version. You can reinstate an archived product version.

Version actions

On each screen, from the version dropdown list, you can:

Conditional version actions

When certain criteria are met, you can perform these actions: