Gen 3


Appearance dashboard overview

In the Appearance dashboard, you can upload custom icons and logos to control the appearance of the Policyholder portal.

Access the Appearance dashboard

  1. Log in to the Provider Administrator portal.
  2. Select tile.
  3. Select Appearance on the sidebar.

In the Appearance dashboard, you can:

Table 1 summarizes the Appearance sections and their descriptions.

Table 1: Appearance types and descriptions.

Appearance section Description


  • Logo appears on the launch screen and in the mobile application's header.
  • Try to use wide rectangular image (e.g., 190x76).


  • Icon is shown on the app home screen.
  • High resolution square image is best, (exact resolution of 1024x1024px, non-transparent).


  • Favicon to represent the Policyholder portal on the desktop version.
  • Preferred resolution: 256 x 256 px; .png format.

Desktop icon

  •  Logo on Desktop portal.
  • Bigger image than mobile; .png.


  • Icon on the top of the File Claim page.
  • Preferred resolution: 1000x300px; .png.


  • Splash screen for iOS application, shows when the application is starting.
  • Preferred resolution: 2208x2208px; .png.