Publish a product version

Once you’re ready to write policies against a product version, you can publish it.

Note: You can publish a product version before its effective date, but the product version won’t go into effect until the effective date.

When you publish a product version:

  • Anything written against the old version won’t change.
  • Anything written after the effective date of the new version will be written against the new version.

To publish a product version:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Lines.
  2. In the Lines of Business list, select the applicable line of business.
  3. On the Line Overview screen, in the Products menu, navigate to and select the applicable product.
  4. On the Product Overview screen, select the Product Version box, hover over the version you want to publish, select the options icon  and then select Publish.

You have successfully published a product version.