Publish rewritten reports

Currently, reports reference different data sources, leading to discrepancies when comparing reports. To address this issue, we are moving all reports from directly referencing your database to referencing data extracted from your database via a standardized process. The result is a standardized data set referred to as a dataframe.

This change moves a handful of reports currently referencing your database to dataframes. As a result, you should see fewer discrepancies moving forward. You will also notice a few formatting changes to these reports. For example, a slightly different font size and the use of a black, rather than gray, header background.

The list of rewritten reports include:

  • Inforce Premium
  • Invoices Coming Due
  • Premium Earned to Losses Incurred
  • Reinsurance Reserves
  • Reinsurance Received/Recovered
  • Item Detail Report
  • Open Loss Report
  • Claims by Loss Date
  • Claims by Closed Date
  • Claims by Reported Date
  • Premium Written Earned Unearned
  • Premium Written
  • Advanced Premium
  • Write-Offs and Waives

There will be no configuration necessary; these reports will be automatically updated to the new version.

For executives who don’t log in to BriteCore often, the identified reports can now be configured to be delivered to you on your schedule. For example, you can email an identified report to yourself every Monday.

Additional information