Publish rewritten reports

Britecore has several legacy hardcoded reports that directly access the client’s database. These reports are being rewritten to use dataframes instead of SQL statements. By using the same data source, we optimize infrastructure changes and reduce the number of errors that can occur when balancing between reports. The reports include:

  • Inforce Premium
  • Invoices Coming Due
  • Premium Earned to Losses Incurred
  • Reinsurance Reserves
  • Reinsurance Received/Recovered
  • Item Detail Report
  • Open Loss Report
  • Claims by Loss Date
  • Claims by Closed Date
  • Claims by Reported Date
  • Premium Written Earned Unearned
  • Premium Written
  • Advanced Premium
  • Write-Offs and Waives

The reports will run as normal and will now give you an option to modify the settings, including:

  • Scheduling the report.
  • Setting up automatic distribution to an FTP site or an email address.

There will be no configuration necessary; these reports will be automatically updated to the new version.

Additional information