Rate table sources

Rate table sources are the inputs that are used to make the rate table resolve to a single value.

Note: Rate table sources can come from the risk type you’re currently editing or that risk type’s parent.

Rate table sources:

  • Data Fields
  • Shared Calculations
  • Other rate tables

Data Fields

Data Fields are the simplest sources for rate tables. The rating engine maps the user-entered value to the rate table values.

Shared Calculations

Shared Calculations are also sources for rate tables. The calculation result is mapped to the rate table.

Other rate tables

Rate tables can serve as sources for other rate tables. The rate table serving as the source sends the rate table all of the possible resolution values, including the default value if it is set.

Example: The zipToTerritoryTable maps a Zip data field to a territory.

Figure 1: Example zipToTerritoryTable.

If the zipToTerritoryTable is used as an input (source) for another rate table, the value it resolves to is sent to the other rate table.

Figure 2: Example zipToTerritoryTable.