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Rate tables

Rate tables store the data used to map inputs (data fields, other rate tables, or calculations) to outputs (a rate, factor, or anything else).

By separating the data and calculations, administrators can make rating changes in a new version while touching only the rate tables. The calculations using rate table data can remain untouched.

View, add, and build rate tables

When you select Rate Tables, you will see the existing rate tables.

Figure 1: View existing rate tables.

To add a new rate table to a risk type, select the risk type, select Rate Tables, and then select + Add Rate Table.

In rate tables, you can:

  • Add any type of data field except strings.
  • Sort table columns before adding results in the results column.
  • Add results in the Results column manually.
  • Copy and paste result values from a similarly structured Excel sheet.
  • Provide explicit resolution instructions to rate table sources using number source tiers.
Figure 2: The Create Rate Table screen.

To build a rate table, in the Sources column, select a source. Based on your selection, BriteCore will begin building the rate table.

Figure 3: Build rate tables with data sources.

As you select more sources, they’re added to the rate table.

Figure 4: Additional sources are automatically added to the rate table.

When you add tiers to a Number source, they automatically populate in the rate table.

Figure 5: Add Tiers to number data sources.

When you add Open Selection and Boolean sources to a rate table, the sources automatically populate, expanding the table.

Figure 6: Boolean and Option Selection options automatically add selection options to the rate table.

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