Reinsurance lae reserve visible



With the reinsurance-lae-reserve-visible advanced setting, you can display the Reinsurance LAE cell in the Recovery table in the Overview section of a claim’s Accounting screen. The Reinsurance LAE Recovery option will also display in the Category dropdown list of the Recovery dialog box when you add a Recoveries entry in Transactions.


This setting requires True and False buttons.

Setting default

By default, reinsurance-lae-reserve-visible is set to False, so the Reinsurance LAE cell and Reinsurance LAE Recovery dropdown option don’t appear in the Accounting screen.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Module and search for reinsurance-lae-reserve-visible. Change the setting to True, and the Reinsurance LAE cell will display as well as the Reinsurance LAE Recovery dropdown option.

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