Remote printing options

BriteCore clients should have a plan for continued business operations during critical events or circumstances that may impact their standard operating procedures. To help our clients’ employees carry out their duties, we have outlined the printing options BriteCore offers. These options will help clients minimize business interruption, allowing their customers to receive their insurance documents as expected.

  1. Titanium Blizzard is BriteCore’s current printing solution. We maintain a C#-based Windows application that allows for local printing of BriteCore documents.
  2. The alternative to using Titanium Blizzard with BriteCore is to rely on a third party-printing provider such as MassPrinting.

    Note: This requires an implementation period of one to three months, which can be conducted remotely.

Titanium Blizzard

Titanium Blizzard can minimize business interruptions, with options to either print to the current printer or install to a new printer.


To use the auto-print option with an installed printer:

  • Select Auto-print.

    Note: This option assumes an individual will be in the office to support mail output; however, a person doesn’t need to manually operate the printing.

Configure a printer at a different location

To configure Titanium Blizzard:

  1. In the top-left, select the Titanium Blizzard menu, and then select Configuration.
  2. Type the URL of the client site.
  3. Type the provided API Key.
  4. Add a new printer (for debugging, use MS XPS Document Writer).
  5. Select Configure Trays (Advanced).
  6. In the dropdown list, select Automatically Select.
  7. Select Enable.
  8. Select Save, select Save & Close, and then select Save & Close.

Third-party vendors

Printing can be outsourced to a third-party vendor. BriteCore currently integrates with MassPrinting and OBRIEN Insurance Solutions.

Mass Printing

Setup is typically simple—we provide Mass Printing with an API key and a list of deliverables that the client uses. The only additional work is when the client has custom deliverables, particularly payment coupons, that need certain placements that would need to first be tested.

MassPrinting integrations can take an average of one to three months, based on the complexity of the implementation and other variables. Implementation can be conducted remotely with no impact on the implementation timeframe. It’s a suitable long-term option, but in the event of an immediate need for remote printing where MassPrinting isn’t already integrated and set up for a client, we recommend they use Titanium Blizzard.

OBRIEN Insurance Solutions

OBRIEN is partnered with OnRamp to ensure implementing BriteCore clients is completed remotely, quickly, and efficiently. OBRIEN and OnRamp complete most of the integration on your behalf. Implementation takes approximately four to six weeks.