Remove an exposure

If an error is made while creating an exposure—for example, the combination of risk, claimant, and coverage is incorrect—a claims adjuster must correct the mistake. If no financial information exists for the exposure that was created incorrectly, you can remove the exposure.

Note: Exposures continue to be tracked in the Claims Activity Log even when they’re removed, so the Exposure ID of one exposure can’t be used by another. The Exposure ID of the removed exposure won’t be reassigned to another exposure. For example, if you delete an exposure labeled E003, the next exposure you add will be E004 not E003.

To remove an exposure, access the claim you want to remove the exposure from:

  1. Select the Exposures tab to open the Exposures screen.
  2. Navigate to the claimant associated with the desired exposure and select anywhere in the claimant row, except for the name link. The Exposure tree will open.
  3. Identify the exposure you want to remove.
  4. Navigate to the Actions column and select the ellipsis associated with the exposure. A dropdown list will open.
  5. Select Delete Exposure.