Remove endorsements on reinstatement



When a policy is canceled, BriteCore archives endorsements with an effective date after the policy’s cancellation date. With the remove-endorsements-on-reinstatement advanced setting in the policies section, administrators can determine if these endorsements remain archived when a policy is reinstated or if BriteCore unarchives and reapplies these endorsements to the policy. 


This setting requires a True/False toggle button.

Setting default

This setting’s default value is True, so any endorsement with an effective date after the policy’s cancellation date will remain archived if the policy is reinstated.

Changing the default

Changing remove-endorsements-on-reinstatement to False triggers BriteCore to unarchive any endorsements with effective dates after the policy’s cancellation date if the policy is reinstated and to reapply these endorsements to the reinstated policy. See Reinstate policies for more information on how to reinstate a policy.

BriteCore will also reapply any transactions in the Account History table that were removed at cancellation.

Adoption considerations

By default, BriteCore rebuilds installments when a policy is reinstated, so the installments would reflect any changes made between cancellation and reinstatement. If the remove-endorsements-on-reinstatement is set to False, BriteCore will rebuild future installments only if there’s a policy reinstatement fee. If there isn’t a policy reinstatement fee, BriteCore will reapply the installments that were generated prior to the cancellation.

You can assess fees for policy reinstatement on the Reinstatement tab of the Policy Lifecycle settings.