Rename a file or folder

In Attachments, you can rename files and folders if you are in the Provider Administrator portal. To rename a file or folder, access Attachments and:

  1. Select the folder icon next to the file or folder name (it will change to a pencil briefly depending on the device you use). The Rename Attachment dialog box will open. You can also display the Rename button by selecting the row of the file or folder you want to rename, then selecting Rename to display the Rename Attachment dialog box.

    Note:To locate a file, you can open the corresponding folders or subfolders that contain the file. You can also search for a file; see Search for a file or folder.

  2. In the Rename Attachment box, edit the name of the file or folder.
  3. Select OK to save the updated name. If you select Cancel or X, you will return to the Attachments screen without saving the updated name.