Renew a policy manually

You can renew a policy manually from the policy header of a policy’s Overview screen. You can choose to renew a policy with or without changes.

To renew a policy: 

  1. Select Policies and Quotes
  2. Search for and access the policy you want to renew. You will be directed to the Overview screen. 
  3. In the policy header, select More. A dropdown list will display. See Figure 1.
  4. Select Renew Policy. The Renew Policy dialog box will open with two options. Select one of the following options:
    • Now with changes.

      Note: If you select Now with changes, you will be directed to the quote flow to complete additional steps after completing the Renew Policy dialog box.  See the Renew policy with changes section below.

    • Now without changes.

      Note: If you select Now without changes, when you complete the Renew Policy dialog box, the policy will be renewed. 

  5. Select Confirm
Figure 1: The dropdown list displaying Renew Policy when you select the More link.

Renew policy with changes

If you select Now with changes in the Renew Policy dialog box, you will be directed to the quote flow, where you can update the policy information and renew the policy. Complete the fields and steps in the Quote Flow process. See Quote flow overview and Submit quotes for more information.

Quote flow considerations for renewing a policy

  • Highlighted fields and/or fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. 
  • When you renew a policy in the quote flow, you will need to rate it again. After you update the information you want to update and complete the review, select Rate Quote
  • Re-enter billing information once the quote is rated, submitted, and approved.
  • You will need to bind the quote to complete the quote flow process for the renewed policy. Select Bind Quote