Renew Non-renewed Expired BritePolicies

Release date: July 2021

Previously, when a policy was non-renewed or expired, if the risk was reapproved, the policy would need to be written as a new policy. We have made some changes that allow clients to renew an expired policy.


An expired non-renewal policy can now be put back in force. When a policy has expired due to non-renewal, a client can now restart the policy by a renewal transaction. 

Note:  A policy expired by non-renewal must be reapproved before a client can restart the policy by a renewal transaction.

When an expired policy is restarted by a renewal transaction, users don’t need to reinstate the existing term first. 

Policy renewal

Clients can now renew an expired policy and keep its history. They can renew the policy based on the original effective dates.

To renew a policy based on the original effective dates:

  1. On the policy’s screen, select Renew Policy, and then select Now without changes.
  2. Ensure the policy shows as renewed.


Please direct all questions to your customer service representative and support team.