Renew policies manually

BriteCore is built to automatically renew a policy with the Renewal Status, Renew on its renewal effective date. While it isn’t recommended, you can also manually process renewals. 

To manually renew a policy: 

  1. Select Policies.
  2. On the Policy Search screen, locate and select the policy you want to renew.
  3. In the policy header, select New next to Revision. The New Revision dialog box will display.
  4. In the Revision Date boxes, type the renewal effective date of the policy using the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  5. Select Done. The Confirm pop-up window will open with the following message:

    Creating a renewal can sometimes take longer than expected. Because of this you have the option to create this renewal in the background and receive an email when complete or you can choose to wait on the page until the process is complete. If you would like to process the renewal in the background click yes.
  6. Select Yes or No.

Usage considerations

BriteCore won’t automatically commit the manually created renewal revision. If you don’t commit the renewal revision after creating it, then the uncommitted policy will appear in the failed processing emails when the renewal effective date arrives.

If you create a manual renewal on a policy with the Renewal Status, Non-Renew, you must change the Renewal Status to Renew, so when the renewal effective date, which is also the expiration date for policies with the Renewal Status, Non-Renew, the policy won’t expire.