Reopen an exposure

Exposures closed by mistake can be reopened. Litigation and requests for additional payments may also necessitate reopening an exposure. 

To reopen an exposure: 

  1. Select the Exposures tab to open the Exposures screen.
  2. Navigate to the name of the claimant associated with the exposure you want to close. Select anywhere in the claimant row, except for the name link. The Exposure tree will open.
  3. Locate the closed exposure that you want to reopen.
  4. Navigate to the Actions column associated and select the ellipsis associated with the exposure. A dropdown list will display.
  5. Select Reopen Exposure. The Reopen Exposure dialog box will display.
  6. From the Reason dropdown list, select the option that best describes your reason for reopening the exposure.
  7. Select Save.

The Status column of the exposure will display the status Reopen, and an information icon will appear next to it. When you hover over the information icon, a tooltip will open with the reason you selected from the Reason dropdown list in the Reopen Exposure dialog box.