Report List

The Report List screen contains two sections:

  • Report List: Displays all of the reports currently available in the system.
  • Export Data Sets: A list of all data sets available for you to download in .csv format for further analysis.

From the Report List screen, you can:

Report List section

When you select Reports, the Report List screen displays by default.

The Report List screen includes the following features:

  • Search: Enter a report name or category, and then select Search to view specific reports.
  • Add Report: Create a new report or customize an existing one using BriteData.
  • Add Category: Adds a new category on the Report List screen.
  • Rename Category: Renames existing categories.
  • View Old Reports List: Displays the old/legacy screen in BriteCore.
  • Check Reports Status: Lists reports that are in process. You can view completed reports on the Attachments tab.
  • Narrow By: Filter reports by category, format, and/or type.

Export Data Sets section

Scroll down the Report List screen to view, select, and download data sets.