Reports overview

The Reports module in BriteCore offers:

  • Stock Reports: A report library with 30+ out-of-the-box reports to address your reporting needs. Our standard reports cover financial, claims, and underwriting meeting requirements such as filings/regulations, reinsurance, audits, and more.
  • BriteData: A drag-and-drop interface for selecting data and applying rules to customize existing reports or create new ones. BriteData is subject to constraints.
  • Data sets: Downloadable data tables along with a data dictionary for your own analytic tooling. BriteCore’s data dictionary includes more than 1,500 data points available for reporting across all major operational components, including policies, billing, claims, contacts, and quoting.

Reports components

There are six tabs in the Reports module. When you select Reports, the Report List tab displays by default.

Reports tabs:

  • Report List: Displays all reports in the system. You can search and filter reports, run a report, add a report and category, view the reports legacy screen, and check your report status.
    • Export Data Set: Scroll down on the Report List page to view the Export Data Set section. You can export Data Sets in .csv format.
  • BriteData: Self-service tool for customizing an existing report or creating a new one.
  • Data Dictionary: Describes data points within each data set. You can also view sample data for each data set.
  • Notes: Displays system alerts and user-generated notes. You can search and filter notes as well as create a new note.
  • Attachments: Displays a list of folders containing previously run reports. You can search for a file, create your own folder, and upload a new file.
  • Export: Displays any reports queued for exports.