Reports: Policy management

BriteCore offers out-of-the-box policy management reports; see Table 1. The reports are accessed in the Reports module.

Select the report titles for sample reports.

Table 1: Policy management reports.

DayCron report

This report is emailed nightly to contacts in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Processing > DayCron Report. Recipients should receive an email between midnight and 2:00 a.m.

The email reflects processing that is scheduled to occur the next night. Any action taken during the day can affect what will occur. For example, if a policy scheduled to cancel overnight due to non-pay is paid during the day, then the policy won’t cancel overnight, as the DayCron report indicates.

Within the email, policies are divided into the below categories. If no policies exist for a certain category, that category will not appear.

  • Automatic Payments: Policies that will automatically withdraw funds.
  • Renewals: Policies that will renew.
  • Recommits: Policies with uncommitted renewal revisions that should be committed.
  • Cancellation Pending/Non-Renewals: Policies that will enter Cancellation Pending for Underwriting or expire due to non-renewal.
  • Non-Pays: Policies that will enter Cancellation Pending for Non-Pay. If a payment is declined or processing is interrupted, a policy will enter non-pay. For that reason, policies in the Automatic Payments section also appear in this section.
  • Cancellations: Policies that will cancel.
  • Files to be Printed: This should be ignored due to advancements with Titanium Blizzard and other areas of code.