Reports: Premium

BriteCore offers out-of-the-box reports pertaining to premium as summarized in the table below. The reports are accessed in the Reports module. Select the report titles for sample reports.

Title of ReportRecommendedPurpose
Inforce PremiumAs neededDetermine total in-force premium
Premiums Receivable BalanceAs neededShows the components of accounts receivable balances to date. It also serves as a reconciliation report for the accounting dataset.
Premium Receivable Trial BalanceAs neededShows changes to premiums receivable balances by category, compares to prior year- and prior-month end and includes policy and supporting details.
Premium RunningAs neededAnalyze written and earned activity over a targeted, non-standard range
Premium Written, Earned, and UnearnedMonthlyMaster premium report for YTD and monthly activity
Premium Written Over a Date RangeAs neededAnalyze written activity over a targeted, non-standard range for agencies
Premium Earned to Losses Incurred ReportAs neededShows Premium Earned and Losses Incurred per policy type and per agency over a target date range. The report includes detailed schedules of policies and claims.