Required fields



With the Contacts advanced setting required-fields, you can define which fields in BriteCore and BriteQuote are required or optional.


This setting requires a JSON object where the name is the field name and the value is true or false. If the value is true, the field is a required field. If the value is false, the field is optional.

Setting default

By default, this setting lists the following fields in the JSON object:

  • DBA
  • Purchase Date
  • Date Business Started
  • DOB
  • SSN
  • Phone number
  • Risk ID number
  • Legal Entity Type

The default value for all fields in both BriteCore and BriteQuote is false, so completing these fields is optional.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced. Search for required-fields. Changing the values in required-fields to true triggers BriteCore to require that you complete the fields before you can save the information in both BriteCore and BriteQuote.

Adoption considerations

The required-fields advanced setting determines if the Legal Entity Type dropdown list, which is populated by the legal-entity-types advanced setting, is required or optional to complete.

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