Resend a commission report (statement)

You can resend commission reports (statements) after they have been emailed or mailed. See Send commission reports (statements) for more information on the different ways you can send commission reports.

To resend commission reports (statements):

  1. Navigate to Reports > Report List. 
  2. If your view of the Report List is similar to Figure 1, select View Old Report List. If you have the legacy view of the Report List, continue to step 3.
    Figure 1: New view of the Report List.
  3. In the Agency section, select the  Retrieve Commission Reports link. The Retrieve Monthly Commission Reports dialog box will open.
  4. From the Please Select a Role dropdown list, select either Agent, Agency, or Agency Group.
  5. In the Report(s) for section, select the month of the report from the Month dropdown list and type the year of the report in the Year box.
  6. In the Contacts Available box, select the contacts you want to resend the commission reports for. If you want to resend commission reports for all contacts in the Contacts Available box, select the Select All checkbox.
  7. Select either the Download Report(s) radio button or the Email Report(s) radio button.
  8. Select Done.