Restrict users from deleting a contact role

You can restrict an unauthorized user from deleting a contact’s role from the Contacts module by adding the permission level rule britecore/contacts/removeContactRole. When this rule is in place, the Delete This Role X is hidden from the Role section.

To add the permission level rule:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Permissions.
  2. In the Permission Levels section, select the pencil icon next to the permission level you want to add the rule to, such as Employee or Underwriter.

    Note: If you don’t see the permission level you want to add the rule to, you may need to first add the permission level. See Add permission level.

  3. Select + Add Rule, to add a new rule.
  4. In the Access column, select the None radio button.

    Note: If you select the Read/Write radio button, the user will continue to have access to delete contact roles from the Contacts module.

  5. From the Rule dropdown list, select britecore/contacts/removeContactRule. BriteCore will automatically save the new rule.
  6. In the Role Permissions section, ensure the role that matches the permission level that you added the rule to is assigned the correct permission level. For example, if you added the permission level rule to the Employee role, ensure that Employee displays in the Employee Role Permissions dropdown list.

Usage considerations

You can also restrict a user from deleting a contact from the Contacts module. Please see Restrict users from deleting a contact for more information. Permission levels can also be set at the contact level in the Contacts module. See Permissions version 1 overview to learn more about the interaction between permission levels set at the role level and permission levels set at the contact level.