Retrieve an insurance score with Willis Towers Watson/e2Value

You can use the Willis Towers Watson/e2Value Structure Insurance Score integration to retrieve insurance scores.

To retrieve an insurance score with Willis Towers Watson/e2Value:

  1. Create a new policy or search for and select an existing policy.
  2. Create a new revision with an effective date and include the associated line item.
  3. Select the Retrieve WTW Structure Insurance Score button.

    Note: When you retrieve the score, a dialog box will appear displaying the following message: “Score retrieved!”

Figure 1: Receiving an insurance score with Willis Towers Watson/e2Value.

  1. Once you retrieve the score, rate the policy, and then select Save.

Note: Once the policy is rated, the score will show only via the line item.

Figure 2: View an insurance score in a line item.