Revert to Inherited

All entities with an Overridden inheritance status can re-establish the inheritance connection with the parent product, meaning the data will be updated to be the same as the parent product.

Note: Any changes made to the Overriden entity in the parent product will be available in the current product.

To re-establish the inheritance connection:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Lines.
  2. In the Lines of Business list, select the applicable line of business.
  3. On the Line Overview screen, in the Products menu, navigate to and select the applicable product.
  4. On the Product Overview screen, navigate to and select the object you want to revert.
  5. On the object’s screen, hover over the Overridden inheritance status, and then select Revert to Inherited.

Note: Once the changes are reverted, the inheritance status returns to Inherited.