Revert a change to an agency of record

If you change the agency of record by mistake, you can revert and archive the change.

To revert a change to an agency of record, open the agency that was changed and:

  1. Navigate to the Notes tab of the contact.
  2. Use the Search for a Note box to type and search for Policies Reassigned.
  3. If the search generates more than one result, ensure you select the Policies Reassigned note for the correct date.
  4. At the end of the Policies Reassigned note, you will see an ID that appears as a string of numbers and letters. Copy the entire ID.
  5. Navigate to and select Support Tools at the bottom of any BriteCore screen, and then select Revert Agency Policies Transfer.
  6. In the Archive ID box, paste the ID you copied from the Policies Reassigned note.
  7. Select Revert. When you successfully revert a change to an agency, a banner will appear across the page stating Success! All modified policies were reverted to their original state.

    Note: BriteCore will create an Agency Reverted note in the Notes section of the policy. BriteCore will create a Policies Reverted note in both agencies involved in the transfer.