Review State

Dropdown list


In the Review State dropdown list, users can select specific review state values so they can narrow policy list search results.


The Review State dropdown list appears on the Policies search screen when the advanced settings enable-review-state-filter and enable-new-policy-search are set to True.

Field default

By default, the Review State options are hidden.

Figure 1: The closed Review State dropdown.

Change the default

In the Review State dropdown list, you will see the following options:

  • Pending Underwriter Review
  • Pending Agent Changes
  • Ready to Apply
  • Approved by Underwriter

Note: Depending on the configuration, you might see different Review State options than those displayed in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Example of an open Review State dropdown list.


Note: Selecting a checkbox will filter the policy list by that review state value when the Policies advanced setting show-review-state-column is set to True.

Usage considerations

The Review State dropdown list behaves the same in both the Provider Administrator and Agent portals. By default, the Review State dropdown list values are Pending Underwriter Review, Pending Agent Changes, and Ready to Apply. The Review State values can be customized by utilizing the advanced setting, custom-labels-review-state-filter-options.

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