Rewrite a policy


  • A policy can be rewritten only if it has been issued (committed)
  • The cancel date of the old policy will be the effective date of the new policy. To avoid this, cancel the old policy on the desired date then rewrite the policy.
  • Once rewritten, you will be directed to the new policy
  • A link to the old policy will appear
  • All policy data will copy to the new policy
  • Any linked claims on the Accounts Receivable screen will no longer be linked
  • If the On rewrite, automatically transfer return premium to the newly rewritten policy setting is used, any return premium will automatically transfer to the new policy. Otherwise, navigate to the Return Premium Queue and transfer the return premium to the new policy.

Process the rewrite

  1. Within the policy, select Rewrite Policy
  2. Select a Reason to cancel the old policy
  3. Select a new policy number
  4. Enter an Effective Date of the new policy
  5. Select Done