Riskmeter setup

RiskMeter allows underwriters and agents to determine the Distance-to-Shore, FEMA Flood Zones, State Windpool Eligibility, Storm Surge, and Distance-to-Fault lines (over 30 reports available) for any property in the United States.

Note: You can view a full list of reports on Riskmeter’s website.

BriteCore supports basic integration with RiskMeter. When you add your RiskMeter credentials to BriteCore, a RiskMeter button for staff and agents will automatically log the user into RiskMeter.

BriteCore setup

  1. To get connected with a regional contact, contact Riskmeter.
  2. Complete the Riskmeter paperwork.
  3. RiskMeter will provide:
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Member ID
  4. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  5. In the Settings menu, select Vendors.
  6. On the Vendors screen, navigate to and select RiskMeter.
  7. Next to RiskMeter, select the edit icon.
  8. In the RiskMeter dialog box, enter the information provided by RiskMeter.

BriteCore processing

Agents and staff

  1. Select the Go To RiskMeter button on the Risks / Property tab of the policy
  2. Complete the information
  3. Download the RiskMeter report to your Desktop
  4. Upload the report to the RiskMeter section on the Risks / Property tab of the policy
  5. Select on the uploaded report to review it
  6. The following note is written
    1. Uploaded RiskMeter PDF
    2. Uploaded the following PDF: ‘title of pdf’. This PDF is now attached to the ‘Property 1’ property of the 01/04/2016 revision of this policy.


Does the report appear in the Attachments tab of the policy?
The uploaded report does not appear in the Attachments tab unless specifically uploaded to that tab.

Can the agent access the report?
Yes, the agent can access the report from the Property tab.

Note: If the report is uploaded to the Attachments tab, it depends upon whether the document is locked.