Rules api url



With the rules-api-url advanced setting, you can enable the API URL that stores the rules on which calls are made to implement financial authority limits.


This setting requires you to type the client’s API URL, which stores the rules configured for financial authority limits.

Setting default

By default, rules-api-url is blank, so the API URL isn’t enabled for the client.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for rules-api-url. In the Setting Value box, type the API URL for the client. The client’s API is now enabled.

Adoption considerations

This setting works with call-rules-on-reserve-change and call-rules-on-payment-made. When you enable call-rules-on-reserve-change and call-rules-on-payment-made, you must also enable rules-api-url by typing the client’s API URL. If you don’t enable rules-api-url, the call rules for reserves and payments won’t work.

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