Rules search and organization

Release Date: September 2021

It’s difficult to search for and find rules within a project unless you know a rule’s exact label.

To improve the experience of searching for a rule, we:

  • Expanded the search capabilities within projects to make rules easy to find using the search feature.
  • Added additional details to the folder view so more information for each rule can be seen from a glance instead of having to go into each rule individually. We also added the ability to easily move rules to other folders and tag rules with labels to make them easier to categorize and filter.


  • Made rules searchable by name, description, and labels.

Note: The rules search is flexible enough to recognize partial or similar matches to the search term.

  • Created a new filter that allows you to filter searches by one or multiple labels.
  • Improved the filters layout.
  • Added functionality that allows individual rules or groups of rules in a folder to be moved between folders directly from the UI.
  • Added exact match search options:
    • Prefix the query with = for an exact match
    • Use white space for AND
    • Use a vertical pipe | for OR
  • Simplified the UI by splitting the project components into the following tabs:
    • Rules
    • Models
    • Tests
    • Other/Framework 


The changes above impact you when:


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