Run a script to set up business locations

In BriteCore, clients can write business in defined business locations. BriteCore currently supports locations in the United States and Canada. Clients can add business locations by running a script.

Run generate counties script

To run a generate counties script:

  1. On your MacBook, open Terminal.
  2. In Terminal, type ssh aws.client-Leader, replace client with the client’s site name, and then, run: ssh aws.clientSiteName-Leader.Example:
  3. Type bc, and then press Return.
  4. Type cd bin and press Return.Example:
  5. Type and add state or province abbreviations with a space between each.

One location (NY)

./ US –locations NY –apply –mode UPDATE –force-updates

Multiple locations (MO, CA, and AK)

./ US –locations MO CA AK –apply –mode UPDATE –force-updates

  1. Run the script.