Search for policies using the Legacy Search screen

To use the Legacy Search, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Policies.
  2. Select Legacy Search. BriteCore will open the Legacy Policies List screen.

On the Legacy Policies List screen, you can use the Search box to search for policies by the following criteria:

  • Policy ID
  • Named Insured(s)
  • Agent(s)
  • Policy Type
  • Policy Status
  • Effective Date
  • Expiration Date

All policies that matched the search criteria will be returned in the search results. If multiple policies meet the search criteria, BriteCore will display all applicable policies in the list view. If only one policy meets the search criteria, the policy will open automatically.

View an address-based list

To search for policies by address or Policy Number, select the View Address Based List toggle button. When viewing the address-based list, you can search for policies using the following criteria:

  • Address
  • City
  • ZIP Code
  • Policy Number

Select the View Policy-Based List toggle button to return to the default policies list view.

View the advanced search tips

Several advanced search options exist to help the user narrow the search results. To view the advanced search tips, select the Help link above the Search box to open the Help pop-up window.

Prevent BriteCore from automatically opening a policy

When only one policy meets the search criteria, BriteCore opens the policy automatically. To prevent BriteCore from automatically opening a policy, type a pound sign (#) before your search criteria.

Search for an exact match

To run an exact match search, wrap the search expression in quotation marks.

Search with wildcards

To run a wildcard search, use question marks in place of single characters or asterisks to fill in unknown components. For example, you could search 08/??/2019.

Search with advanced criteria

To run an advanced search, separate search keywords with commas.

Search for deleted entries

To run a search for policies that may have been deleted, type <<ARCHIVE>> before the search term.

Filter search results

Use the checkboxes below the Search box to filter the search results by policy statuses:

  • Unsubmitted Applications
  • Submitted Applications
  • Internal Quotes
  • Rejected Applications
  • Active Policies
  • Canceled Policies
  • Expired Policies

To use a filter, check the checkbox. To clear a filter, uncheck the checkbox.