Search for users using filters

On the Users and Groups screen, you can search for users using the Search box and/or Filters

There are three types of filters: Status, Show Disabled Users, and Group(s). The Group(s) filters are populated with the custom groups you create, and you can filter by multiple groups at a time. You can only filter by one Status at a time. 

You can combine filters to refine your search results.

To search for users using filters:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Users
  2. Under the Search box, select Filters.
  3. Select by the filters you want to apply to your search. 
    1. Status filters include:
      • Confirmed
      • Invitation sent
      • Federated User
      • Password reset required
    2. Select Yes under Show Disabled Users to include disabled users in your search results.
    3. Group(s) includes custom user groups set up in BriteCore.