Select invoice due date for single and linked policies

Feature Summary

You can add a specific due date for the month within the billing schedule so insureds who are paid once per month or receive subsidized income can select the billing date that works best for them. You can choose a due date for a policy and you can generate the chosen due date for selected linked policies.

The Invoice Due Date option is available in the Billing Setup screen. When you select a specific date of the month for the due date, BriteCore will regenerate future invoices with the new date. The new due date may change the bill date for future invoices.

Note: If the new due date results in an invoice having the bill date of today’s date or prior, the impacted invoice won’t be updated. All other future invoices will be updated with the new due date.

When you select a date from the dropdown list, you can select any date from the 1st through the 28th of the month. You can’t choose the 29th, 30th, or 31st, as these dates aren’t available in all months.

Figure 1: The Invoice Due Date section on the Billing Setup tab.


Figure 2: The Invoice Due Date dropdown list.


The Apply Invoice Due Date to Linked Policies link will appear in the Invoice Due Date box on a policy that has linked policies. When a due date is selected on a policy with linked policies, and the Apply Invoice Due Date to Linked Policies link is selected, the list of the linked policies will display. You can choose to apply the selected due date to any, all, or none of the linked policies.

Note: If you change the due date on the future term of a policy with linked policies, the change will apply only to the single policy, not to the linked policies. A message will display and notify you that the due date change will be applied only to the current policy, not to the linked policies.


Updates to the Invoice Due Date feature include:

  • When a due date change is applied, it will persist into the renewal term.
  • When a due date change is applied on a renewal term, it can be applied without changing the due dates to the current term.
  • If a policy is canceled and later reinstated, it will retain the previously selected due date.
  • If a due date is changed on a policy with linked policies, you have the option to apply the due date change to any, all, or none of the linked policies.
  • Notification of what will occur if there is a conflict with an invoice bill date will be added to the Information icon. When you hover over the Information icon, the following message will appear:

    If the date selected would result in an invoice bill date prior to the current date, that invoice will not be updated.

Figure 3: View of the Information icon message.


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