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Send a Mutual Boiler Re test file

In BriteCore, BriteCore staff can send a Mutual Boiler Re (MBRe) test file.

Note: Only BriteCore staff can send an MBRe test file.

Creating a test file depends on the effective date of the item(s) and the applicable coverages.

To send an MBRe test file:

  1. Open a client site currently using the MBRe vendor integration.
  2. In the BriteCore menu, select Policies.
  3. In the Policies menu, select Processing.
  4. On the Processing screen, select Mutual Boiler Re.
  5. Next to any file, select the Download File icon .
  6. Open the downloaded file, copy a few rows of text, and then paste the rows into a new .txt file.
  7. Obtain the Bordereau specifications (Homeowners or Commercial) from the client.
  8. Referencing the Bordereau specifications, update the following information:
    1. Policy number format
    2. Named insured name and address
    3. Equipment breakdown (or service line) premium
    4. Product indicator
  9. Once you have updated the information, save the changes, and then upload the file to the FTP provided by MBRe.

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