Send correspondence

Clients can send emails to any email address of their choosing from an individual policy via the Email Information Related to Policy button.

General information

  • An email can be sent directly from an individual policy at any time.
  • The email can be sent to multiple recipients.
  • The email can include multiple attachments, but attachments aren’t required.
  • The subject of the email defaults to the policy number; it can be amended.
  • If the sender has multiple emails on file in the Contacts module, they can choose which one to use as the sender and reply to. As such, users should verify their email address in the Contacts module prior to using this feature.
  • The emails are sent immediately.
  • A note is written when the email is sent.
  • Sent emails don’t show in the Policies > Processing > Pending Email. To research an email, a user must know information about the policy from which the email was sent.
  • This feature isn’t a setting; it is available to all users.
  • There are currently no permissions regarding this feature, which means any staff member who works with policies can send an email.


If an agent responds to the email, is his/her response added to the Notes section of the policy?

Not currently.

Can an alert be added to the note containing the email?

Not currently.

How do you search for emails in the Notes section of the policy?

  1. Navigate to Notes.
  2. Within the Search for a Note section, search for the phrase Email Sent.