Set a payment reminder

You can set a payment reminder in the Policyholder portal if the option to set a payment reminder is enabled by your carrier.

To set a payment reminder:

  1. If you’re using the mobile app, select View account from the menu, and then navigate to Payment Reminders. If you’re using the web version, select Payments from the menu, and then select Payment Reminders in the submenu of the Payments screen.
  2. To enable, select the slider. When you first enable it, it will display the payment reminder settings.
  3. To edit your preferences, select Reminder Setup.
  4. At the top of the Reminder Setup screen, choose Automatic Payment Reminders by selecting the slider.
  5. To set when reminders are sent, navigate to Choose When to Send Payment Reminders, and then select the option you want:
    1. 1 Day Before Payment is Due
    2. 7 Days Before Payment is Due
    3. 14 Days Before Payment is Due
    4. 30 Days Before Payment is Due
  6. Choose your Reminder Options by selecting the options you want. The options are:
    1. Push: Push notification payment reminders will be sent if you have push notifications enabled on your device.
    2. Email: A valid email address must be registered in the account.
    3. Text: Text payment reminder notification will be sent to the cell phone number selected for the Cell Phone Number field on the Account screen. Also, you must go to Account settings to accept consent to text to receive payment reminders by text.
  7. Select Save Changes.